Deep Cleaning

Service Order time: any time

Service execution: ready to perform the service within 12 hours from the time of ordering

Service details:

Remove dust and plankton in general

Complete survey of home interior parts

Changing and rearranging bed covers and bedding

Cleaning of interior windows and their metal/ wooden frame

Deep cleaning of all kitchen parts, floors, walls and vents

Deep cleaning of all parts of bathrooms, floors and walls

Thorough cleaning of home/ office floors

Thorough cleaning of balcony areas

Thorough cleaning of doors, cabinets and cabinets

Clean all plumbing and water fixtures

Air conditioning vents scanning (not including deep cleaning of air conditioners ... you can request the service from the air conditioning cleaning and maintenance department)

Dust removal and cleaning of seats, canopies and carpets (not including deep cleaning and stain removal of furniture and furnishings.. You can order this service from the furniture, carpets and curtains section)

Remove stains including stains from interior floors and walls

Garbage disposal

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