Annual maintenance contracts

Service Order time: any time

Service execution: ready to perform the service within 6-12 hours from the time of ordering

Service details:

Problem assessment and workload

Inform the customer if there is a need to replace spare parts or the like

Maintenance / repair of all types of structural needs (doors, handles, Windows, sanitary fittings etc)

Cleaning / maintenance/ repair of HVAC units (not including spare parts)

Maintenance / repair of all types of household accessories, lighting, antiques, paintings, decorations, aquariums and other)

Maintenance / repair of all plumbing services

Maintenance / repair of all services of household electricity, electrical appliances, lighting and others)

Maintenance / repair of swimming pools and water tanks

Make sure through first-hand experience that the repair / maintenance process is completed

Clean and disinfect the entire working area after termination

Devices and materials used in the service:

Tools for examination and evaluation

Tools for maintenance, repair

Use of chemicals for disinfection

Service providers specifications:

Specialized technical companies with certified evaluation in customer satisfaction

Specialized technical technicians with state-of-the-art equipment for maintenance and repairs

Commitment to service execution times

Take all actions and precautionary measures for public safety and Prevention

All details of this service are covered by our quality assurance policy ZAMKANAPP.COM

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