Annual maintenance contracts

Service details:

-Problem assessment and workload -Inform the customer if there is a need to replace spare parts or the like -Maintenance / repair of all types of structural needs (doors, handles, Windows, sanitary fittings etc) -Cleaning / maintenance/ repair of HVAC units (not including spare parts) -Maintenance / repair of all types of household accessories, lighting, antiques, paintings, decorations, aquariums and other) -Maintenance / repair of all plumbing services -Maintenance / repair of all services of household electricity, electrical appliances, lighting and others) -Maintenance / repair of swimming pools and water tanks -Make sure through first-hand experience that the repair / maintenance process is completed -Clean and disinfect the entire working area after termination

Devices and materials used in the service:

-Tools for examination and evaluation -Tools for maintenance, repair -Use of chemicals for disinfection

Specifications of service providers:

-Specialized technical companies with certified evaluation in customer satisfaction -Specialized technical technicians with state-of-the-art equipment for maintenance and repairs -Commitment to service execution times -Take all actions and precautionary measures for public safety and Prevention

How it works

Zamkan provides you with distinguished quality and timely service

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Tell us what you need
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Tell us what you need
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Everything your home needs

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Everything your home needs
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Everything your home needs
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